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Camtasia for Chromebooks

@NigelG @emmanuel @georgeciobanu

I just found this Chromebook extension for recording videos of using Bubble Apps (or anything else, I suppose.)

It’s remarkable, free up to 10 mins with an unobtrusive watermark. 20euros for lifetime single user.

Here’s my first use:

screencapture, video of software


Nice tip!

Usually for fast videos I use CloupApp, it saves in animated .gif (free plan). I think it’s Mac only.

Awesome product, so useful I spent the EUR20.

And works on my lovely Chromebook too.

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Just bought a chromebook for my father, as he has been I. Hospital.

For when he gets back I have just hooked it up to a keyboard and monitor.

Again… It just works :slight_smile:

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