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Generally, Bubble does a good job of updating the information on the page without having to refresh the browser, but sometimes this doesn’t happen. Does anyone have a way to refresh a repeating group without refreshing the page? What I’m imagining is a refresh icon that will reload a specific group OR repeating group when clicked.

I would want this to reload the intended repeating group using whatever search settings were previously applied without refreshing the page.

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Hi there, @zachwhitt… I don’t think I have experienced the behavior you are describing, but regardless, I would think you should be able to add a refresh icon to the page and associate the Element Actions >> Display list workflow action with the icon. The element in the Display list action would be your repeating group, of course, and the Data source would be the same search that powers the repeating group.

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Mike’s @mikeloc guidance should enable you to reset the content or the rg upon clicking on an icon.

Suggest you review your filtering logic as the rg should be dynamically showing its contents even if you unset a filter.

@cmarchan and @mikeloc, thanks for the help. It’s definitely an issue and occurs in two places in my app. I’ll think about if there’s any filtering I can to differently.

One example:

  • We have a messaging RG which is loaded in a reusable element when the page is loaded
  • When a new message is received, an icon appears letting the user know
  • When the messages RG is opened, I would expect the list to be updated with the received message on the top of the list.
  • Instead, I have to refresh the page to see the updated list. If I look back in the data, the data has been updated, but the list on the page isn’t.

Could this be a time issue? Often, this particular page is opened on a browser for hours at a time.

Thought that by sharing an example of dynamic filtering … might spark ideas for you to consider in your app.

The example below does not require any page refreshing, as it will perform the searches dynamically as messages are created:



Thanks for sending. Here’s a screenshot of mine. Though the details are different, I dont see anything here that should prevent the list from updating dynamically, right?

Hello @zachwhitt

Remove the Click thing.

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