Forcing an API/Plugin to refresh data


When using an API or Plugin I often have data displayed in a repeating group and then have a popup to add a new item. If using the internal Bubble database then this updates and you instantly see the new item. If using an API or Plugin then unfortunately the new item doesn’t show. I believe this is due to Bubble caching the call and as the call is the same it returns the unchanged cached data.

A solution I’ve used that works but is a bit of a hack IMO is to pass a dummy variable (current date/time) to the API which accepts but ignores it. Bubble then sees the API call as being different so doesn’t used the cached data and returns the new data. I’d have hoped there is a better way to do this?

Worse than that is that when using a plugin I can’t add a new parameter so can’t trick it into refreshing. Has anyone managed to find a solution to that? E.g. I’m using the Xero plugin, and when creating an invoice I have the option to add a new customer first. So you add the new customer but they don’t show in the list as it doesn’t update…



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