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Refresh API data without reloading page

Hi so I am making an app which will also be turned into a Native app. It relies heavily on data from external API’s and this data changes daily and sometimes hourly. The only way to update the information on my Bubble app is to reload the page which isn’t really very useful (also may I be correct in thinking that native apps do not allow you to “reload” the page?). How do I go about refreshing all my API connections in an interval of time or at the click of a button without reloading the page?

Thanks for your help in advance !! :slight_smile:

I guess you are using your API calls as data calls. Try using them as action calls and you will be able to see them under plugin actions. Use these actions on a button click.

Additionally, after the call you can send it’s result to groups you wanted to change the data.

Also, keep in mind that you need to successfully initialise your call as action for it appear under plugins actions

Thanks this is working:)

Can You please share the solution, if you have it figured. I am having a similar issue where I would like to have the data (from the API) refreshed every 5s.

for anyone reading this, I had to add use of a clear list call to my workflow in order to get this solution to fully work