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How to make real-time data update (without Refresh button)

Hello, I have JSON file on my server and get data from it to the table with Repeating group. Can I make bubble pick up data from my json file on server and change it in the table every 3 minutes for example, without using refresh button in browser?

you can probably do this with scheduled workflow, or a zapier/integromat zap/scenario that runs every 3 minutes. By default, data on the screen updates immediately when it’s updated in the bubble database.

Thank you ,

Yes, I saw, but I take data from JSON file via API connector(

ah, right. What about a workflow on the element? There is a “do every 5 seconds” workflow at the page level.

@agiledood Have a good solution, but it will not be enough. Bubble will not update result from API Connector if there’s no change in the call. Bubble put the result of the first API call into cache and if you call the same endpoint without any change, it will use that instead of getting fresh data.
So you need to have something different in your API Call.
A few solutions:

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