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How to make a form builder?


I am interested in developing an instance of a form builder as part of my current web app. I need “admins” to be able to dynamically create forms with a very basic system where I can create questions with any “type” for example date, multiline input, and etc and to be able to move them up/down on how they show and then users to be able to view these forms (based on permissions) and complete them and send them for review.

I have no issue with the idea of permission-based review, completion, etc but I am wondering how to create a form builder. Initially, I thought of creating a repeating group with a search for a question data type, these questions are held as a list as part of a “form” data type and then to show the data that way. I soon came to realize that this is probably a little out of my comfort zone without having any guidance on where to go with it.

To me, the main goal is to have a form builder and importantly be able to display this form anywhere on the page (eg not just on the builder page) and have users complete and submit them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not directly a useful answer but this product might give you some ideas of how to approach it. I think a key concept is a separation of “form design (survey/questionnaire creation, Q1 is options, Q2 is free text etc)” vs “form render” (a way of displaying these dynamically created surveys).


Hey @cliffwoodjames :wave:

This is definitely a highly requested part of an app from my clients.

From what I have learned so far, one way to do this is to have an option set as the type of question. Then for each question, display different elements based on that question type. If you have a repeating group to display all of the questions, each cell will have all of the possibilities included, just one of them displays.

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:


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Thank you for that I will for sure have a look at it and see if it can help me incorporate it into bubble.

Hi - yes this is kind of the set up I have at the moment. There’s a few issues with what I’m working with and it could be down to the rushed nature of development.

The main one being how I can record the submitted answers (ideally i want a button that clearly states “submit” with a clear confirmation of submission - as opposed to auto binding.

Hey @cliffwoodjames :wave:

So, as an option, you can add a field in the question that says answered=yes/no and then mark it as yes when the value changes. Then when you press the ‘submit’ button, you can check to make sure all the values are marked as answered before you allow them to continue. That’s just one idea.

Does that make sense? Would that help?

Sounds like it would work - how would I actually get the data from each input though?

@J805 nailed it.

Data from each input would go to a new data type called form submissions which include a list of the questions & list of the answers.

Link that to a user or whatever.

Have a look at Typeform integration too :slight_smile:

Title (text)
Questions (list of question)

Type (option set eg; Input, Date, Number, Multiline input)
Title (text)
Caption (text)

Form Submission


Does this type of data set up seem like it makes sense?

I have had a peek but confused me at first glance - also concerned that I can only seem to have 10 responses per month?

Maybe that’s a restriction on a free account :woman_shrugging:

Seems to be the case - not really in a position to start spending money on this just yet, I at least want to try to get some form of bubble built system in place first. Good idea though and I’ll keep it in mind.

Still looking for some advice on this please if anyone can help!

We do have a form builder template that you might want to check out - Estimly - Estimator + Forms Builder | No-Code Template by Zeroqode

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That’d be a good option - I had seen it but $149 is far too much for me personally unfortunately.

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