Form inputs validation and workflow logic

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Does anybody have any tips/advise on how to handle forms within bubble. My workflows are becoming so messy and hard to understand.

Below is a simple enough form, listing basic information for someone to fill in. When validating i am having to write a workflow that says when any of the input’s are empty it alerts the user. Having to type this into one single workflow is making it hard to read, is there a way to validate the whole group or do i have to add the only when and input every element?

Adding to this i have several forms underneath this - 40 in total roughly (Think of them like a supermarket, within a supermarket it has different areas like Bakery, Cleaning, Deli counter etc - each form is for a specific area. Is it best to put these into individual re-useable elements or keep on the single page? The page is slowing down and having all the different workflows is becoming a nightmare (Not sure if you can create a folder or something in the workflows section to keep things tidy)

Anyhow after any advise or tips on how best to handle multiple forms and validate them all

*ideally a progression bar too so the user can track how much is left to do

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Hi there, @simonperks81… for the validation on the inputs, why not use this checkbox instead of using Only when in your workflow?


As for the best way to go with all of those forms, well, I am not a huge fan of single page apps, but I’m sure I wouldn’t want 40 separate pages, either. Maybe spread the forms out across a handful of pages? Oh, and you can organize your workflows into folders…


Hope this info helps.


Hi Mike

Thanks for the reply

Maybe i am doing something wrong, for both the above they don’t seem to be working for me.

I already have the this input should not be empty - how do i tie this into the verify and save button though? - Hence at some point the user has to click this and at this point it then checks the form. Do you have them all in one group or something becuase it is not working for me.

On the folders - from the start i have tried to name any workflows into a relevant area (Folder) - but no folders show up on my workflow view, just a shed load of workflows - my assumption was these would then go into a separate folder to make things easier and to contain.

Form Cp 2

When you have This input should not be empty checked for an input, the input will be validated automatically when it is included in the workflow for a particular button. So, in the case of your Verify and Save button, if all of the inputs in your screenshot are part of the workflow that is tied to clicking that button, they should be validated. If that is not happening, I would need to seen more screenshots or have access to your editor to see what’s going on.

About workflow folders, here is how you view them…


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every day is a school day - always learning.

Thanks Mike for this the workflow is spot on - honestly it is the little bits that make a huge difference.

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