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Evaluate validity of all inputs and return a message/state


Is there a way to evaluate validity of all inputs before submiting(creating a thing) in a group/page and return a message/set state?

I have conditions(red borders) on the elements to show when something is not right and needs to be corrected.

I would like to set a state to display a main error in a sliding group that something is not correct and that user should check those red boxes.

Is this possible?


On submit, check the validity of all inputs in a workflow and set an appropriate flag/state somewhere. Process the form only if everything is valid; otherwise, show an alert.

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Yes, there are ways to do this for the most part. None are perfect though so it may take a bit of creativity to provide a good UX in all scenarios.

Note - the main limitation I’ve come across is that if the user tries to submit invalid inputs that are part of workflows (e.g., a workflow that tries to store that data in the databse) then Bubble won’t run any workflows (including workflows that you might use to notify the user that there was a problem).

Do a search on the forum and you’ll find several posts about returning error messages, dealing with the particular challenge I mention above, etc. Or, check the posts I’ve made in the last couple weeks if you can’t easily find them with a search.

Best of luck!

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This will not work as validation is done before being able to execute workflow. “This input should not be empty” is the element option checked. So I can’t count with workflows to do any type of check.

You can check my workaround in:

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