Form Not Clearing

This is the second form I have created, but for some reason, I am able to clear the first form and not this one.

Within the Dashboard Page, I have a form under:
Group Dashboard ContentGroup DashboardGroup Add/Edit EventGroup Add/Edit Events Form

At the bottom of this form, I have clear button, which has a Reset workflow action:

I have included a link to my editor below in case that is more helpful.

Within the action, I have set Element to Group Add/Edit Events Form, but the form does not clear. I have also tried other groups without success.

Any ideas on what could be the hang up?


I can’t access your editor, as it’s set to Private…

But one thing to note that often catches people out…

The ‘Reset Data’ function does just that… i.e. it resets a Group’s data back to it’s default data source… it doesn’t clear it.

So, in your case, the reset data action will reset your Add/Edit event’s form back to it’s default value, which is getting data from the page URL. If the URL still contains an event ID parameter then that’s what it will reset to.

So, clearing the URL parameter (using a Go To Page action) will be the simplest way to clear the form.

Alternatively, you could use a ‘Display Data’ action, and use an expression that returns no result (such as a created date in the future, or have a custom state of the same type which is empty, and use that).

Or, another option is to keep the Add/Edit Form default datasource empty, and set it on page load if the URL contains certain parameter.

That way, using ‘Clear Data’ will reset the datasource back to it’s original Empty value.

@adamhholmes Sorry about the editor link. I forgot I had to make it public. And thanks for the explanation. I added the Go To Page action and removed the Reset. It’s working like a charm.

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