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Reset data not working

Hi there,

Got a small problem that I can’t seem to resolve.

I have a form with just 3 inputs (decimal). I have a workflow to reset the data by the user. Ie reset the form to start over again. It was working fine then suddenly it stops working 100%.

When the workflow is called, it seems to reset the inputs in the back end but the value doesn’t clear on the form.

Is this a bug? anyone experienced this or have a fix?


The same thing started happening in one of my apps within the past few days (a week ago at most). I haven’t reported it as a bug yet, but the easiest workaround was to change the workflow to refresh the page instead of resetting the input group. Refreshing the page may not be ideal for you for one reason or another, but it’s something to consider in the short term.

Thanks Mikeloc,

Unfortunately refresh is not an option. A large part of my app is quick data entry. This bug means the app is not really functional.

How long do Bubble takes to fix something like this?

If you haven’t reported it using the bug report form, it likely won’t get looked at in the near term. The Bubble team uses the official bug report form as their system of record for bugs, so definitely report it there!

Same thing happens in my app. Text inputs reset as usual, but integers and decimals don’t.

I’ve submitted a bug report.

Just saw this happening as well. But some input’s seem to be reset where others don’t.

I am new to Bubble, just wondering how long does it normally take for Bubble to fix a bug like this?
I imagine there would be lots of apps affected.

Hey folks!

We’ve received some reports of this issue, so this is currently with our engineering team for their investigation. We can’t guarantee deadlines for fixes, but it’s certainly on our list and we’ll keep you posted!


@hello.plannwin Welcome to Bubble!

Engineer handling this one here. Sorry this hit late last week and we did not realize how widespread it was until today. I’m actually pushing a fix for this as we speak.

A bug like this one generally gets immediate escalation once we realize it’s effecting multiple apps. I would not recommend trying the page refresh fix but you were right to file a bug report when you did. The more reports we get the faster we can gauge how to prioritize fixes that are affecting multiple apps like this one.


Hi, @riley… thanks so much for the quick turnaround on this bug fix… very much appreciated. If it helps, I can confirm that it is, indeed, fixed.

Oh, and I didn’t want to use the page refresh “fix” either, but I couldn’t think of another way to work around the bug, and it did the trick in the short term.

Thanks again, riley!


nice one! thanks for the quick fix!

I understand and I appreciate the help y’all provide on the forums :slight_smile:
People like you are the the first line of defense for helping new users learn what Bubble is capable of.