How to clear form data

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I’ve a simple form with two fields “Name” and “Email” along with SAVE and CANCEL buttons.
I’m trying to configure the cancel button to reset the form data (in the Name and Email fields that the user initially entered and chose to CANCEL instead of saving). But, it’s not working and I’m unable to figure out what went wrong.

It could be a basic thing, but I haven’t had much experience building apps with Bubble.

Appreciate your time and help.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there, @raghavendra.philkana… if you put the Name and Email fields into a group, you can use the Element Actions >> Reset data workflow action to reset the group when the cancel button is clicked. You would add that action to the cancel button’s workflow, and the element to reset is the group that contains the Name and Email fields.

Hope this helps.


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@mikeloc I was using reset relevant inputs. it worked when I used reset data. thank you :slight_smile:

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