Form not reacting to checkbox's "this checkbox should be checked"

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I’ve got this contact form on my page which sends an email with the form contents via a workflow once the blue button is clicked. Problem is that due to legal circumstances, the user needs to tick the box (it basically says “I have taken notice of the privacy policy”). Now, for the checkbox, I have activated the option “this checkbox should be checked”. I have also activated the option “this input should not be empty” for the inputs. When I fill out the form, and one of the inputs is empty, the app notes the user successfully that necessary inputs are missing. It does not, however, do that with the checkbox. I can send the message no problem without the checkbox being checked.

The weird thing is, I have another form on my app that uses this kind of a checkbox. It’s the user registration form. On that form, it works correctly and doesn’t let the user register if the box is not checked.

Anyone know what’s up with this? Am I doing anyting wrong?

Any admin, feel free to move this topic to the bugs section, if it turns out to be one.

The ‘This input should not be empty’ and ‘this checkbox should be checked’ will only stop the workflow from running, and alert the user that they need to be filled/checked, if that particular input or checkbox’s value is used in some way in the workflow itself.

So if you just have a checkbox saying ‘I have taken notice of the privacy policy’, but the value is not being used in the workflow (i.e. not being saved to the database, used in a condition, custom state, or some other way), then the workflow will run even when unchecked.

So, if appropriate, saving the checkbox’s value to the database in a workflow step should work.

If not, then adding a condition in the workflow, to only run it if the checkbox in checked (and therefore referencing the checkbox in the workflow), should do the trick.

Alternatively, you can set a condition on the ‘Register’ Button to make it clickable only when the checkbox is checked.

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