"Format as text" giving error for no delimiter (when I intentionally didn't include one)

I’m using the format as text function with no delimiter (which is intentional - I want the entire list’s text without spaces).

However the UI gives me an error: “remember to fill out Delimiter”

I’ve thought of a duct-tape workaround where I fill in a comma as delimiter, then remove it in the next step. But I feel like it’s not really an error, and wondering what the community thinks (or if anyone has suggestions regarding this).


I guess their “function” format as text requires a delimiter and can’t be left empty but I do agree that the following step could just be something like “find & replace” and replace the delimiter.

You can simply write anything in the delimiter field and then remove it again (leaving it empty), the error should disappear from then on.


@reger-alexander, I’d never noticed that. Good one, if true.

Anyway, for anybody really deeply interested in Bubble innerworkings:

Another workaround for this is if you have an empty just lying around, you can write whatever expression it is that resolves to empty and put that in the delimiter field. For example, put a custom state of type text on the page object and never set it to a value. What is held in that state is essentially the empty string (''). Heck you could even just name that state “empty”.

Then you’d have the Bubble expression name_of_page's empty in the field and you have met its requirements for being filled.

Required fields are a bit weird in this way (and this applies to any field you might see in Bubble, whether it’s a native one or one in a plugin). Basically, fields can either be optional or not. If a field is optional, leaving it literally empty (devoid of any expression) is allowed and will not trigger the Issue Checker.

However, if a field is not optional (i.e., required), leaving it literally empty will trigger a warning in the Issue Checker.

But as you note, there’s nothing wrong with that particular field having a value of empty. But the way we denote the value of empty in Bubble is by leaving a field literally empty.

This basically argues that the Bubble expression builder menu should always make a token for “empty” available to us (and similarly other tokens such as “yes” and “no”).

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This works! Appreciate the tip

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