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Formatted as Decimal Point "Evaluates to a text" error!

My input (number) gets calculated in the workflow, then results of step 1 are further calculated and finally, in step 4, there’s the output, which is working fine. But when I try to put “formated as” to control the decimal points, the entire expression turns RED, while “formated as” operator says “Evaluates to a text” on hover.

My database entries are all numbers, inputs are numbers, all calculations even the results are perfect. Please help.!

If you remove the formatted as, you can save the value as a number. Then, you can retrieve in the UI and format it there.

Or, you can try use the rounded or ceiling or floor functions to control the number of decimals.

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Hey thanks @david17 … sorry for the late reply… but it sorted it back then… Great Help.