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Formatting in the HTML element?

How do I control formatting in the HTML element? Do I need to include CSS?

This is how Chrome renders it when I just open the file normally.

I would embed CSS and style attributes onto the element.

e.g. on individual elements, style = {background-color: #FF0000; font-family:“xyz”;}

or put the CSS blocks within the script elements and use the class= attributes.

If you ‘inspect’ a bubble page, you will find the class names of the various elements as they are on the base page, and his should carry through into the element (except if it is in an iframe).

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Turns out it displays correctly if I tell the HTML element to be an iFrame.

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That’s good to know, although just be aware of iframes, depending what you are trying to do, you can get Cross-Origin/Same-Origin/Cross-Domain or whatever you want to call them security restrictions kicking in…

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