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Forum app: simultaneous use

When two (or more) users are simultaneously editing the forum app, it becomes unusable for testing because the app demands to be constantly refreshed. It would be good to have a way of turning off auto-refresh on the forum app at least.


Yes, that’s a bit tricky though, as we have to make sure workflows don’t change when they get run, but we’ll think about it. not an easy fix though.

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A kind of Copy the app on temporarily location with database, for experimental used?
That will be very interesting. As we are two or three user at the same time, modifying the app.

  • Need to RESET the app as his ORIGINAL when flagged as WORKING Correctly.
  • Need to work with the best version, not the broken one (changed by un-experiment user (like me :)))

see below.

Yep, appreciate it’s not a straightforward one.

Won’t it maybe be easier if each person creates his own public app that he can use to demonstrate, ask questions, etc and share a link on the forum. This will limit the amount of users working on the same app simultaneously. That’s what I’m going to do in future, just easier for me.

That’s what I did. Bit of a problem though if you have a limited app account. Maybe @emmanuel could create a way that you can have a free extra limited forum app that could only have a small number of pages/workflow runs?

I suspect this would be easier than fixing this issue.

But in any plan you can have as many public apps as you want and you only need one that you use for the forum. I also think it’s going to be the easiest way.

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Oh right, I didn’t realise that. Works well then.