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Previewing when two collaborators viewing app editor

When working with another collaborator/developer (each using our own machine simultaneously) I want to preview the application. I’m limited in actually using the app as typically the first page will load but then I will get a message saying the page has changed so it needs to be reloaded before performing any actions. Because of this it’s hard to verify changes when another person is in the editor at the same time. They said they didn’t change anything either but there still seems to be some kind of time stamp that say the app has changed or whatever is going on behind the scenes.

Has anyone else run into this or suggest anything so that I can easily preview changes while someone else is in the editor at the same time?


Yes I had. One of us had to close the app editor while the other is testing, even if we weren’t doing any edition. Don’t know if it’s normal.

Have had similar issues.

Yes it’s a bit of a limitation of our current collaboration system. A bit tricky to solve to be honest, so not sure when we’ll fix this.


Having this for us would be really crucial too. I am trying to work on our app with my teammate and it’s seeming to be near impossible to get much done together. Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve how we work together to build faster with this current limitation @emmanuel?

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Not really, and this is a big-ish project. We’ll fix that in the coming months.

Awesome. My team is really excited to get our platform working on Bubble. We plan to have a lot of people developing in tandem if it could work. Excited to see the improvements. It looks like you hired some more team members too if I’m not mistaken?

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We can’t commit on a timeline though, unfortunately (and no, not really :p)

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We temporarily need a kind of STOP all activity for xx seconds during ‘testing’ phase. Kind of alert message. We will find something (a thing) :slight_smile:

The REFRESH bar at the top is only an indicator, and not an obligation to do it. It mean, you can continue to test your app even collaborators make changes. Just ignore it. If the change is major (add a field in the database or some critical change) just refresh it. The last sentence : ‘You will not be able to use the app’ isn’t totally true. Correct?

Message: ‘We just updated this page. Please refresh the page to get the latest version. You will not be able to use the app until you refresh.’

Right, you don’t have to do it, but you can’t use workflows that modify data if the message is shown.

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Hi Everyone, bubble is awesome! So if my teammates (2 other start up/entrepreneur guys) and I try to develop simultaneously in bubble will it work? can we sit around a table and work on different projects within the same app? If anyone knows a workaround to collaborating, thank you!

@Emmanuel any update on this? The lack of ability to have multiple editors simultaneously is a serious bottleneck for anyone that isn’t a solo entrepreneur. It’s not obvious how big of a problem this is until you have 3+ people working on an app simultaneously, but clearly it’s not a sustainable model. What do we need to do to move this ahead in the priority stack?

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The TEAM Bubble plan including SUB APP fix the problem for us (including 10 collaborators). We are using DEV and LIVE for our developpers, and SUB APP for Real World, pushing LIVE every time we needed it. Next step, SERVER plan.

Interesting - does it account for things like “undo” as well as simultaneous previewing? In other words, making sure that you don’t undo another collaborator’s work?

Backup done every time we made regular change. Everyone initialized and add a description.
Work fine like this. The UNDO is independent on every machine.
DO NOT WORK on the same workflow… :wink:

Ok, thank! This is good to hear. Will touch base with the HQ about trialing the higher plans a bit sooner. @vladlarin, curious your take on this given our recent conversation on the topic.

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That’s unfortunately a major infrastructure project (that means handling more than one version of an app at a time…), so we can’t do this quickly. It’s on the roadmap, but we have a few more important things before (database performance).

John, thank you for the hint!
Can you provide a bit more details on how exactly this works for you?
We didn’t try the Team plan yet, so I guess that’s where the questions are coming from.

I get the principle of pushing to subapps, but not sure I understand how Live and Test environments are handling multiple collaborators working simultaneously.

Let’s say you have a couple people working on different parts of the same application on Test environment.
Then you are also have several more people working on Live environment directly? Usually you can’t do much except database changes there, is the Team plan changing this principle and you can work on Live as on another Test?

Also, how would the update path go here? Test>Live>Subapp?
And if changes are done on test and live simultaneously, will the test env be synched up from live?

Not sure I fully follow :slight_smile:
Please let us know.

Hi @vladlarin, we are working on one application in DEV, but we have to push LIVE to be able to test it.
When everything’s fine, we push to our Sub APPs (copying workflow only). You can’t edit LIVE or SUB APPs
(in fact you can, but all changes will be erased on the next PUSH).
Deployment and Version control is use to update to LIVE only.
Hope it help.