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Forum browser issues

Has been happening for a while, and I can get round it by opening the forum in an Incognito window, but it would be useful not to have to keep switching windows. Seems like a common problem with nginx.

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Thank you for sharing. It’s on our radar and we will soon fix it :slightly_smiling:

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The fix for me would be to clear my browser’s cache, which is quite annoying. Lately, I have dedicated a different browser for viewing the forum. No problems so far.

I tried clearing the cache, but didn’t work.

You need to clear the cookies. This is a Chrome only issue, other browsers such as Safari work fine.

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I thought this was fixed by moving the main app domain ?

Sadly it is happening again. Worked fine for a week.

After cleaning all the cookies for Once you do it the number of cookies should not go up again.

Yes, I cleared cookies, forum worked again for a few weeks.

Then, bang. Back to incognito.

We’ll look into it