Forum redesign and restyling

Hello everyone, we just pushed some fixes to the forum design to make it more compatible with our new brand / homepage. Let us know if you have any feedback (though this is mostly cosmetic)


Ever since the last update this globe button appears but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Just gives an error. I think it is supposed to translate text but it hasn’t worked yet. See image:

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I really disliked the new font in the front page and internal my apps and my plugins, but I didn’t cared there because I don’t read too much there.

But today when the font was set in the forum I was reading some stuff and I immediately thought it was an issue, then I realized it was the font in the “my apps” page and it would be a permanent change I felt a little bit of terror inside me, “so this is what I’ll read from now on?”.

I’m always positive with pretty much most changes you do and I’m liking the redesign, everything is smooth. Except the font. It’s just horrible.

Of course I’ll change the font via browser extension called Stylus, the same way I use Dark Reader to change the forum to a dark mode, however this font is terrible to read.

I say this for others who aren’t willing to speak up or change the fonts via custom css in browser extensions and will just use the forum less or not use it at all, and also to try to stop this font from breaking into the app editor as it broke in into the forum since it may be tougher to mess with fonts in the app editor.

Please give us options or just change the font. And speed up the dark mode in Bubble editor :stuck_out_tongue:
I really want one there.


I had this bug too, already reported and they took it in. So I think that you can report it too or just wait. Don’t know.

Yeah. The font bothers me too. I just didn’t want to say anything. :blush: Hard to read. Hurts my eyes.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’d love to hear from others, as that’s something we can iterate on fairly quickly.


Love the new redesigns it makes it look fluid and match the main site!

There’s something to be said about the trend towards adding weight for readability, on that front it’s better. I don’t like squat fonts personally, they’re a bit more difficult to read, and this one is a bit squat - though I think it’s manageable doesn’t negatively impact readability for me. Thanks for your efforts on modernizing the whole look.


I use Barlow font for all my apps - slightly rounded and low contrast. Here’s a side by side from your terms


I‘m not a big fan of the new font either. The readability is not great.


Would have to agree with Duke on this one. I’m a big advocate of readability and equal proportions. The new font in places reads ok… but when used in headlines, it looks a little odd.

FWIW, +1 on the new Bubble font/styling for me. I don’t have readability issues w/ this new font personally.

I agree here, the font is terrible and it hurts my eyes to read through it. I think there’s a good reason to revert back to Open Sans, Arial or similar fonts.

I think it’s fine, and it fits well with the Bubble redesign :man_shrugging:. It will take some getting used to, though.

Yes, there may be, but it wouldn’t fit with the new Bubble design, so :man_shrugging:. You could probably use an extension and change the font.

  1. Just a thought along these lines - is the font being smaller in lists a new thing?

Or am I just imagining things? Not sure what the reasoning is, but I’m not sure I like it… Another quality of life improvement: why would the font size in the editor be smaller than in the preview?

Indeed, something weird with the CSS. We just pushed a fix.

  1. List item
  2. Second one

So fast - hats off to you guys. I was worried for a few months that Bubble had lost it’s personal touch, the reason I signed on in the first place. Founders on the forum pushing fixes in real-time, THAT’s the core of the Bubble advantage.


I’m fully agree with Duke!

This makes a big difference, and even add more value to the platform.
Sometimes, there is a days when frustration takes over, because things can’t be changed immediately or other challenges on the way, but reading an updates from @josh or @emmanuel, it’s kind of back to course with a big hope for upcoming stability and features.

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To answer your first question: I like the new brand font.

However, the forum set up is a bit weird currently:

  1. a list like this is ok
  2. it displays as it should
    1. even further indents
  • if you add bullet points… well…
  • everything is tiny

If you put some code. Then the font grows to rather large size.

  • Except if you use it in a bullet list

bold looks great
italic is ok

  • bold looks great, but small here…
  • italic is ok

Could you make the code block a bit more evident?
Background: #F5F7FA
Font: #52606D

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