Last night I dreamed of searching

Why on earth the font in Element Tree is like 5? Sooooo tiiny, grey on a white background.

Last night I was working on single page app with hundreds of elements.

We had a workflow bug with a duplicated button. “reveal element” is useless, unless its a high hierarchy group. Spent several minutes clicking all the tiny “+” (expand/show everything would be super too) searching for that element. Same goes for the eye/view icon.

I know about the UI redesign. but changing the grey to black font and increasing the font size costs .2 seconds

//end rant? Cheers and thanks

Sorry if this is a super annoying question, but wouldn’t the search have identified the dupes?

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 10.22.08 AM

Yes. My bad, I didn’t know that menu had a search bar. Thank you.

The request for bigger fonts and better contrast in the Element Tree remains.
end topic probably

On that I totally agree… The element tree could do with some important upgrades.