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Forum Template by BL Design

Hey there,

We have just released our Forums template that has been a work-in-progress for over a month now. It offers a fully-functional forums system with an advanced admin panel as well.

The complete list of features can be found here:

  • Tags (Users can categorize their threads under customizable tags)

  • Bookmarks (Users can bookmark threads for future reference. Additionally, a user can bookmark a thread without or with receiving e-mail notifications).

  • Extremely Customizable (The advanced admin panel offers a wide variety of customization options for the site).

  • Referral System (Motivate your users to invite other people to the forums with the reward-based referral system).

  • Permissions (Customize what moderators have access to and what they don’t).

  • Responsive Design (The vast majority of the website is completely responsive).

  • Likes System (Users can like other member’s posts).

  • Report System (Users can report innapropriate content for the staff to review).

  • Profile Pages (Each user has a semi-customizable profile page).

  • Much, much more! (There are many more features that are not listed here, so please check out the demo to experience the template for yourself)!

Here are some screenshots of various features and interface elements. Similarly to the above, only a small amount of the features that this template includes are shown here.

Creating a New Thread:

Thread Page:

Staff Tools:

Alerts Menu:

Report Popup:

Profile Page:

Tags List:

Admin Panel:

A Preview of a Few of the Many Settings You Can Edit:

Moderation Queue:

Edit Account:

Unauthorized Access Error:

Signup/Login Popup:

Wow! That turned out to be a pretty long thread!

Admin Login: E-Mail: [email protected] Password: admin
Mod Login: E-Mail: [email protected] Password: mod
User Login: Create an account.

Purchase the Template:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or inquiries!

BL Design

P.S. - Just for fun, here is a screenshot of the thread page’s workflows. There’s a lot of them! :slight_smile:


Through private user requests, I have added icon labels to a thread’s page to further dignify whether it is hidden/locked or not. :slight_smile:


Seems like a great app. Is it possible to check the public link, cause it ain’t working.


Hi brian

How can I access this app please, I am interested in purchasing. I want to test it out, your bubble link and public link isn’t working.