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Hey Bubblers! :wave:

I just released my first template :tada: :confetti_ball:. I have been using this in my own app and so I decided to make one fresh with what I have learned over the last few years with Bubble and put it on the marketplace. My most successful app uses this forum and it has been a great way to share updates, report bugs and have a great community feel.

Most websites would love to have a Forum. Right now the available forums as templates are either pretty expensive with a lot of great features or still pretty pricey with not the best UI/UX.

That’s where my forum app comes into play.

Find the template here: Simple Fast Loading Forum Template | Bubble
Here is a preview of the app: https://805forum.bubbleapps.io/

It is simple, fast loading, easy to use, completely customizable and fully responsive.
To set up your app once purchased just add your categories in the data base like this:

If you start your website out with this template then you can make your own index page and still use all the features of this forum in your app. I would start every new website with this template. Saves a bunch of time.

You can use the free bubble plan and have the Bubble banner at the bottom and just have a link to the page from your app OR I also have added instructions here to add it as a subdomain for your app. It is very simple. Just purchase the template for $20 and then setup a personal plan with bubble for $16/month or annually for $14/month. Then you can get your forum.yourdomain.com just like the pros! No need to buy another domain, use the one you already have.

Here is the walkthrough…

First you need to set up your domain with Bubble. Just add forum.”YourDomainHere”.com and grab the value seen here. See image below:

Go to Google Domains where you have your website already setup.

Go to the DNS tab on the left > Go down to Custom Resource Records and add “Forum” and add your value into where it says iPv4 Address and click ADD.

That’s all that is needed. You have an official forum.yourdomain.com address now! :slight_smile:
I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do. If you have any other features you would like to see let me know. I can update it accordingly or I can do a customization for you as a freelancer.

Here is a GIF of this Forum:


Some features of this forum:

:heavy_plus_sign: Post a topic
:arrow_upper_right: Reply to a topic
:large_blue_circle: Random colors assigned to new users or upload an image for your profile picture
:mag: Search topics
:man_office_worker: Fully functional profile dashboard
:email: View all topics that user posted
:incoming_envelope: View all replies from user
:heart: View all favorited topics
:heartpulse: View all favorited replies
:face_with_monocle: Edit username and profile picture and unsubscribe to emails
:triangular_flag_on_post: Flag posts or replies that are unwanted
:arrow_down: Choose reply that answered post - then shows preview at top and if clicked scrolls to answer
:white_check_mark: Mark as [SOLVED] in title when topic is answered
:link: Copy a link to a topic or reply and have the link automatically scroll to the reply that it is linked to
:two_hearts: Favorite posts or replies
:pencil2: Edit and delete replies or topics
:+1: Familiar user interface like Discourse but simpler
:arrow_up: Add/remove images to posts or replies and users can click on them to see them enlarged
:ballot_box_with_check: Choose/add categories with unique colors to post a topic to that category
:envelope_with_arrow: Email user who is being replied to and allow users to unsubscribe to responses in profile page if need be
:inbox_tray: Subscribe to specific categories to get emails when that category gets a new post, like bug reports or freelance work

Hope this helps! Enjoy!


@J805 Congrat for your first template, and great ad “Having your own forum”.

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Thank you! :blush: A forum is just such a great thing to add to a site. It has been extremely helpful to my own site. I feel that it has been the #1 factor in my sites growth and success. I now use it as a starting template for all of my sites so I don’t have to worry about it later. Thanks again! :+1:

I also use this as a way to send a description of a recent update to my users if they want to subscribe to it. Some of my users have wanted to know the reason for an update because they wanted to look at the new features. This lets them get an email each time I update my site. Sort of like a mini blog of updates and announcements too.

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My internal question will be before implemented it, what are the + points instead of… forum based like this one? Maybe price will be a great point? Just thinking out loud :slight_smile:

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I think definitely the price is well worth the implementation. I’m using it as a base for each new app I make just in case I decide to have a forum later.

The nice thing is you buy the template once and you can use it in all of of your future apps.

I think just the simplicity and familiarity of it is convenient enough to spend the $20 instead of doing your own.

I wish something like this was around when I was first building my apps. Well worth it I think.

If I can think of more :heavy_plus_sign: points I will add them here. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Great work. The search is not working

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Thanks for letting me know. I will take a look. It should search for the topic once I get it to work. :slight_smile:

Could I use this with mydomain.com and not forum.mydomain.com also dose it come all ready to use workflows all done and stuff

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Hey, thanks for asking. Yes, you can use it with mydomain.com without a problem. It comes ready with all the workflows, everything works. If something doesn’t work as I intended, I will fix it. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure why it wasn’t working. I pushed an update and it should work now. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:

Can users make their topics instead of chooseing one also can they follow topics I want to make a Reddit type of app

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That is definitely possible. :+1: It’s not included in this forum template, the way it is, but you can either add it yourself or I can do it for you as a freelancer. :man_technologist:t2: It is definitely possible. :grin: This is a good base to start from. You can add whatever you like to it after you purchase it.

Oh, I just realized. I already added a way under the users profile to follow certain topics. Then they will get an email if there is a new post. So you are already almost there.

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Thanks @J805! Also, is it possible to have multiple subdomains for the same Bubble app?

I think you already found your answer here: Create subdomains on bubble app. Yes, it's possible

This is just in case someone else is looking as well. :+1: