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Fow How long does the "Current User" data type hold data?

Hello people. I’m developing an app where I want to display a popup once session. As in if the user comes to the website 5 times a day, he should see the popup 5 times but only once per session (one session can have multiple page views). I tried using the “current user” method (storing yes / no and checking eveytime if that thing is yes or no before showing the popup) but I’m not sure for how long is that data stored.
For example if a user comes to the website, he’s shown a popup and then in one of the “things” in “current user” data type, changes to “don’t show the popup again”. If he goes to another page (in the same session), the popup wouldn’t appear. Now if the user closes the window and comes back to the website after let’s say an hour, would he see the popup again ?
If no, is there a way to restrict that stored data to a session ?

After three days, such a user will be deleted, and when a user opens a session in the same browser, a new temporary user will be created, for three days.

Thanks @dorilama
Is there a way to restrict is to one session ?

I think you need ro register the user for that

Thanks @dorilama

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