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Frames ― A modular design system for Bubble

GRÖNÖ is now live

Here’s 5 quick wins to supercharge your bubble apps using GRÖNÖ

:one: Template setup and config

:two: Custom style (light)

:three: Custom style (dark)

:four: Change the layout

:five: Add more components

Grab your copy and start building right now!


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For some reason I’m not seeing the sections/components thumbnails after I updated to the latest version of Bubble. My Chrome version is up to date as well. Any suggestions?

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Hey dude, apologies for my late reply. I’ve pushed a small fix so should be all good now :+1:

Note to all users, as we continue to role out new features our plugin has been renamed:

3.1.0 latest version

I have subscribed to frames plugin so that i can use it in bubble. however; the designs are still locked? i have a receipt showing i paid . how can i unlock those designs?


I cannot see the « paste frame component » option anymore in the right click menu after I updated to the latest version of Bubble. My Chrome version is up to date as well.
In other words I cannot use frame anymore.
Any suggestions?

You can just use the regular paste and it will work.

I’m having the same issue, just bought it

I just subscribed to Frames. Question… If after building with Frames I decide to cancel my subscription, will any part of my app/UI not work?

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Hey @NoCodeNinja and thanks for supporting us.

All elements will still work and be present even after cancelling your subscription.

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Awesome. Loving it so far. Especially the full Grotto layout.

It looks like there aren’t any repeating group options. Are you guys planning on adding some repeating groups blocks?

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There are some RGs blocks under > Components > Repeat-grids / Repeat-lists

Give them a spin

Hi there!

Does anyone know what might be wrong with the Frames plugin?
Can’t see any of the tools after installing it.

So no conditional formatting on the elements? E.g. selecting an input box doesn’t highlight borders.