Free 3-day Trial Workflow

I’m trying to enable new users to sign up without a credit card for 3 days, but then require the user to go through a Stripe-based sign up to continue using the app after 3 days.

I believe the workflow would involve comparing the Current User’s Creation Date (see below) to the Current Date and requiring a Stripe/credit card sign up if the difference is greater 3.


Does anyone have further thoughts on how exactly to implement this? I’m having trouble subtracting/comparing dates to determine if the difference is less than 3 to determine if the user is still within their free trial period.


I think something more simple to follow could be to do a backend workflow and set the Scheduled Date/Time for Current Date/Time + 3 Days. Then change a data field like FreeTrial=“no”. I think that might be easier to comprehend. What do you think?

No need to hurt your brain about dates at all. Just see if the FreeTrial field is “yes” or “no”.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Sounds like a good approach I will try it!


:+1: Hope that works for you! :blush:

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