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Good afternoon, sorry, what’s happening is that I’m creating an app, but I want to give it 14 days free and I don’t know how to do it, would someone here be so kind as to explain to me how I can do it please? I would appreciate it very much

I think you can work in many deferent ways here:

1 - your user can have an attribute that identifies as a paid user and create your application using condicional to block any currentuser.paid <> yes to see or use any feature.

2 - during the login, you can create a workflow before login the user, something like, dosesrch a user with this email and paid=yes. If yes, let the user login otherwise, show a error message to block the login… I don’t know…

To know when your user finishes the 14 days trial, you can create a backend workflow to run after 14 days to change the atributed paid to “no”.

There are many workarounds for this point :slight_smile:

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