Free Class - How to go from Idea to MVP using Bubble

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Hey everyone, so over the past year I have been working with a lot of ambitious software startups and new Bubble users. Some of you have had amazing business plans, target markets and all I had to do was help with the technical part of creating an app in Bubble (love working with you)

But I have found the majority of Bubble users are trying to create an MVP for a startup before they have done any significant customer development, business planning and even any app planning such as with sketches (love working with you too… but less so)

This has cost them A LOT of time and money on learning parts of Bubble they will not need to use (yet), and hiring developers to guess at what they want in an app, leading to delayed project deadlines and increased costs.Hiring developers and getting technical Bubble coaching is most effective when you have ALL areas of your startup planned out beforehand.

This is the same reason a Condo Developer creates architectural drawings and pre-sells condos long before they even break ground and start building a high rise. It helps ensure the success of the business and avoids wasted time and money.

So I am going to host a Free Live Seminar tomorrow Tuesday the 26th, at 8pm EDT to help aspiring startups on Bubble focus your idea and get to your MVP quicker. The main parts of the seminar are:

How I created a profitable software startup using Bubble
The basics of Idea Validation and MVPs
3 major MVP building mistakes
First steps to build an online App with No Code

TL;DR - Many people waste time and money trying to create the MVP too soon. I am hosting a free class to show how to turn your software startup idea into an MVP

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PS - I have only done 1:1 sessions (a lot of them) and have never hosted a webinar like this before. So sorry ahead of time if it’s not as polished as all the online gurus out there

Geoff | Wolfer Tech
Certified Bubble Partner
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Dear Geoff,

I was wondering if you have your webinar on youtube so that i can view it, at the moment we are starting to build an mvp and i was looking for some knowledge on what best practices we have to know before building the MVP, please if you can help i would really appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Omar Fakieh

It was a learning experience for me, and I learned that I am not meant to be in front of the camera :joy::rofl:

So no, this webinar is no longer available. I recommend checking out the resources at as well as some of the free & paid training @romanmg offers.

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Hahaha well every experience counts i guess:rofl:
Thanks for the links and your help i will check them out.

Best Regards,
Omar Fakieh