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Why is Bubble considered only to build MVPs?

The founders nowhere mention in any interviews that Bubble is only for building MVPs . They only say that this platform allows even non-technical people to build fully functional web-apps .

I get it that people want to have complete control over their website and leaving it onto Bubble or anything else is a scary thought . But putting that one aspect aside , what does Bubble not have to make it more than just for MVPs assuming that Bubble has all the features that you need to build your app ?

This might be a noob question , sorry for that !

I believe that, Bubble started with the idea that, it will help visionaries to bring their ideas to life, but it became more than that and i personally believe that it will be really big.
From my point of view this is a new programming language they create here, a language that people can learn much faster


I’ve not seen anyone mention Bubble as an MVP-only tool. We’re using it to run our business, although admittedly it is a side gig. We still have stable income coming from elsewhere :slight_smile:

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That’s what we hear sometime from people indeed. It has never been the goal, we’ve always aimed for the production product, but we don’t mind being seen like this at first, as what usually happens is that people start building the MVP and then stay on the platform.

It’s a bit of a marketing pain for us, but I can see why the idea of building the while thing on bubble can be worrisome at first. Time will change that :slight_smile:


I would consider it an MVP for something that will need a larger team to scale later. But for small/mid sized apps its perfect. Especially with the dedicated plan available.

For me it is just a time thing.

At the moment it would be a very brave CTO that decides to rebuild their decent sized business app on Bubble.

So we have quite a few fledgling companies who have built an MVP and one hopes they will continue to build the business on Bubble. But that will take time.

But it does mean you can bootstrap it more easily.

And also, if you do need investment, showing a potential investor the product you have built and the people who are already using it sure beats a powerpoint presentation or a prototype :slight_smile:


We have built our mvp on bubble and our plan is to continue using bubble for the foreseeable future. We have yet to face challenges that cannot be overcome.

Given how much we benefit from saved development costs and extreme speed of feature development, I would hate to give up bubble even when we have built a solid business.