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FREE Javascript Holiday Miracle Extravaganza!

Before Bubble I kept at least three pro javascript developers within reach at all times. When I found Bubble, I no longer needed them. Since yesterday’s announcement of JS integration, I’ve hired 11.

If your plugin needs custom javascript, I’ll do it for free.

pm me if you’re interested in making a pile of money.


I would like to see a better charting element and a graph (nodes and links) element. Is anyone working on those already?

I’ve got the bones of a plugin for Plotly.js. @wojciech is doing something with Google Charts.


Those would be perfect for an admin. I have sketches for an admin that I haven’t developed yet. @mishav and @wojciech do great work.

Hi Scott, my plugin needs javascript so I’d be very interested in talking to you. There is an extremely high demand for the design based on my customer based that I gained through what i designed in excel. It’s a key part of our new platform and is also a graph issue.

Would love to speak with you. My email is [email protected]

hey @mishav and @wojciech how are you guys tracking with building your respective chart plugins?

Hi, building plugins turned out to be very time consuming, and my spare time shrank, so the plotly one is still unfinished, just a proof of concept.

I won’t comment on privately funded plugins.

I thought I was the only one who thought so.

what is the general thoughts on charging for a plugin? i don’t mean a quick api integration but more an extensive set of custom built tools that ultimately provide functions for app owners to profit from? and i guess another question is does bubble allow it?

Do you mean a turn-key business? That’s what I offer. Specifically I deliver a turn-key company clone, pricing based on market factors. Those factors can’t be promised without research, but I don’t get paid until revenue is realized.

The general thoughts for my new rideshare company clone are:

Base Price: $5,000

  • All transactions conducted via escrow.
  • Discount for veterans and others.
  • Two months free maintenance plus hourly package as needed.
  • I handle all credit card processing for a period of three years.
  • New, dedicated Bubble server is mandatory.

Additional costs:

  • Design
  • Secondary, tertiary, revenue models (having just one defeats the purpose)
  • Business plan publishing
  • Funding/Investment procurement
  • Licenses purchased through me. I do not charge a markup. All accounts are in the company clone owner’s name.

As long as the company clone doesn’t violate their terms of service, or the terms of service provided by API integrations, Bubble shouldn’t have a problem, but always check with the all-knowing, all-seeing, @emmanuel. He holds the hammer.

yer im totally with you when it comes to a whole turn key solution, im referring to just plugins that we build for the dev’s that use bubble? a straight question would be - would it be wrong to charge $5 for a plugin that you spent your time building? and is it against bubble’s policy to charge for plugins? i see we can charge for templates, im wondering if the same goes for plugins.

@jarred I have struggled to find a plugin dev (you available?). Personally, i think it would be a positive if bubble applied the same rational to plugins as the do to templates. Either a “one off fee” as with the templates or a recurring subscription fee…i believe in shared returns for commercial apps.

Hey @Bubbleboy, I have a heap on the go at the moment. there is a few things that need to be done to properly open the flood gates. things that mean hacky less desirable methods of making it happen are the only options in the short term. im just pushing ahead with them and as things like actions being able to pass data to other actions inside a workflow become available i will push them more. The one im really pushing is a massive set of tools to check off every desire one would have when using BOX including a handler to remove the 50mb data limit and possible even so data allocation deals direct from BOX :slight_smile: Totally agree with the plugin’s being able to have a price tag. Like i said in my previous post not a massive amount but some incentive to develop bigger and better tools. Truth be told half of the api based plugins i have already put up are just me finding someone in need of a solution so i put it together and stick it up for them. is there something in particular your looking for?

@jarrad I have ping’d you on the back-channel

Currently there is no way to transfer a created plugin from one account to another, so it either remains the property of the developer, with apps added to it for access, or gets recreated manually on another account.

Emmanuel did mention building more support for non-free plugins.

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