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Free Landing Page with Modern UI 🥳

A few things recently motivated me to create a great looking landing page that all Bubble users can use for FREE

  1. Bubble’s recent upgrade to the New App design

  2. The growing No Code movement

  3. People thinking you can’t have good design in Bubble (not true!)

View it HERE

Add it to your Bubble account HERE

And please let me know if you find any issues with it, I want to make sure it is a high quality starting point for Bubble users :100:

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PS -
The design is based closely on Tailwind CSS landing pages, which is a modern looking UI framework gaining popularity lately
This template is actually a major update to a current popular Template called ‘Startup Landing Page’, so you may already have it in your account. I will keep the old design in the template for now, but likely remove it soon as my design skills have leveled up since then and I can’t bare to look at it any more :laughing:



Nice work @gf_wolfer :partying_face:

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Brilliant! If I wasn’t so deep into my current design, I’d pivot to this. I might do that anyway as a post launch upgrade.
Thank you.

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Nice work. Do you happen to have the direct link for us? I can’t seem to find the template on your page.

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@gf_wolfer, I also could not locate this on the template site and The “Get this Now” link goes to the old template. Can you please provide link to the new template.

Thanks for the heads up @SerPounce and @nocodeventure, I added it to my original message able. And that old link is actually this template that has been updated, but I need to update the picture and info

I tried loading that, but its still the old one:

Shoot, my bad. I needed to ‘re-submit’ the app, just pushing the changes to Live don’t make a change there.
Should be good now, can you try again?

I’m not sure that I’ll be able to because I already “own” the template:

If you already own the template, you can ‘Create a New App’ and select ‘Startup Landing Page’ from the dropdown of templates that you own.

Updates to a Template do not change a currently created app, as that could lead to unintended changes in your production apps.

Kind of awkward to have to implement updates to templates this way, but maybe Bubble will come up with something better in the future

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Hey Presto!!

I’ll play around and see if its worth my switching up. Either way, I learned a few key points on template usage today. Thanks!


Amazing, beautifully done @gf_wolfer :ok_hand:

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Looks amazing, great job! Might use it for future projects.

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Hey @gf_wolfer, I was inspired by your UI and spent some time building a new landing page for my site using your template. Although I couldn’t use the template itself as I was so far in, I was able to replicate much of the design, as well as copy some of the actual elements.

I created a poll to solicit feedback on a few options, and would please love to get your thoughts if you have a minute:

That’s great, I’ll check it out :+1:

I’ll probably come out with some tips on how to copy it over to current apps, as lots of people here likely already have an app started

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Major Update: Template now uses the New Responsive Engine!

Just released a new version of this template, it is essentially the same but now it is fully built in Bubble’s New Responsive Engine :partying_face:

Check it out and if you happen to find any bugs let me know and I can fix it quickly!

Link to the landing page