Free Map -> many locations

Hello all,

I am analysing every free Google map alternatives…
The limitation of 28500 is too low. My app is free (please dont ask me to change my BM).

a) I need all the users to determine their fixe location, to be a point on a map. No need to geolocalize or directions.
b) There will be approximativly 5000 locations to begin with. Then it will growth.
c) It would be nice if in a searching box, we could search for people’s location/point on the map, but this fonctionality is not mandatory.

I can’t use Google map because of it’s price.
Openstreetmap : their data exchange volume is limited.
I am not sure if Mapbox and Leaflet will not be limited by the volume (i saw their plugin in the bubble’s librairy).

What should i do ?

Thanks for your advices

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Maybe the strategy would be to assign Longitude/Latitude cords to the 5000 entries.

Then you can collect each user’s Longitude/Latitude and plot that on a map without making any api calls.

That would be my approach I think.

Ok thank you. I showed your answer to a developper and it might be possible with a bit of code. Will see that. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi @Namibi , Did u find any answer to this ? Cause i am facing the exact same issue ?


Nope but i have some clues thanks to @jobs

First : In the link below, it s written that " Quick tip: you can use Google Geocoding free plugin to convert text addresses into Latitude and Longitude coordinates and save them everytime you register a new location."

Second : everyone tells me that leafly can answer my problem. But i cant see how…

Let me know if you find anything…

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Hi @Namibi ,

My use-case is this simple , I just want to tag my rows of data to particular location and when a user search’s for these locations he should see all the rows of data having same location .

I don’t even want to plot them in an dynamic map , Even a static map would do the trick .

Static map means if a row of data is selected and has a location “India” it should just highlight India with red and that’s it .

Thanks , Let me know if u find anything related to my use-case.