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Yes it does happen on that site also! I’m using Safari on a macbook running el capitan 10.11.3? I downloaded charm and tried it and it was fine… strange…



not charm…chrome!

I see, I think this is a part of a common issue with Safari unfortunately, thanks for letting us know. To fix your current app follow some instructions in this thread

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Hi gf_wolfer. I am currently using your app template. I am having an issue.
If a user clicks a posting in a repeating group and after clicking I want the current user to be directed to the profile of the person who created the post. I am not sure how to transfer the data between that repeating group to the profile group. It seems possible to do it between pages but in groups im not sure how to go about it. Thanks!


You will want to use the Action under ‘Element Actions’ -> “Display Data” in a Group
Then you will display, ‘Current Cell’s User’ in the group you want the profile to show up. Make sure that the Group’s Data Type is set to ‘User’

Thanks a lot! It worked.

How about if I want to navigate back to the exact same group I came from. I see we can set index to showing to only one particular group which is more like static.
Is there a way to be dynamic like in wepage, > Navigate to previous page.

Secondly, I can see the custom state that was created in your native app template to showing. And that feature takes a user from one group to other. If I were to design the same custom state and name it showing what state type would i be chosing for that?


For the second part. That state is a ‘text’ format type. Then we set the State to a specific text when certain buttons are clicked, such as home. And use Conditions on the groups to show or hide when the corresponding text is an exact match.

For the first part, it is a few more steps to do a previous page. You will need to create a new state, such as 'Previous Page (type=text). And then you can save the text of the previous group when you navigate to a new one.

When the ‘Back’ button would be clicked you would need to set the state as ‘Index’s Previous Page’ (text)

If you still need assistance with this concept, please create another forum post or find a previous one that is relevant to the topic of ‘previous page’, to keep this one template specific needs/bugs :slight_smile:

Sure will do. Thank you so much!

Hello @gf_wolfer,
I don’t have words enough to thank you for making this template, I would rather say this template is a boon for all bubble users, especially for novice like me who didn’t even knew ‘C’ of coding prior to using bubble.
I just need to understand one part where I am stuck, while I had successfully made a website design of my app. using different pages, I am not able to figure out how to deal with users of three different types in groups.
I have three users who will access the app, Service providers, Customers and Admin.
While in the website format it was easy to designate users to different pages as per the choice of their drop-down value, here I am unable to figure out how to navigate them to different groups.
I have rules similar to website design but with no success, although I am able to get ‘Customers’ to their designated group but ‘Service provider’ page lands up on a blank index group.
Please suggest a way out.

There could be a few reasons for this.

  1. Double check the condition text is exactly the same (capitals, spaces, spelling, etc)

  2. I notice there is a Condition on Step 6 in the second screenshot - what does this condition say and is it needed?

  3. Make sure the the Group you want to show is above / on top or in a group that is already showing (if there is a group showing that is on top of your desired group, it will be ‘showing’ but you won’t be able to see it because it is blocled

Which means it is possible to have different user types even in groups and I am doing some mistake; when it’s possible I’ll get to it.
Step 6 is the group that I want to show, it is the service provider page.
I’ll try to figure our the error.
Thanks for giving me hope :grinning:

It certainly is possible, but it takes more organization on your end. I recommend Naming your groups well and keeping detailed notes so you can always remember which groups should show for when, and the ways that you diferentiate various Users.

Then always make sure whenever you use Conditions, on both Workflows or Elements, that they are correct. Good luck!

Hello, new here. I tried deploying the app live to see how it looks through a mobile browser, the problem is that when i try to preview it directs me to the 404 error page, how can i set it to start with index ?

This sounds like something specific with your application, so it can be tricky to troubleshoot without a link to your app (especially if you have changed any of the pages in the template)

You should be able to access your /version-test (also called Development version) of the app through any web/mobile browser by going to:

Update - All the above links (Mobile App) found not available anymore…

The links seem to be working for me, does this work for you @melon?

This was not working, Good to know that a template is available

Hello, I was wondering if you could help with something concerning group show/hide,
I have a repeating group where the user can click on a single post from that list which would show another group where he can read or comment on the post he clicked on, I’m kinda confused on how to set your new group to show that particular post he clicked on and get information alongside like the comments and such.
Thank you!

You can set workflow for that


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