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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

When inline mode, only the upper part of the calendar appears. How can I solve this?

@seanhoots can you update this plugin and add ‘enabled dates’ so that we can have the user select ONLY from select dates??

It’s the missing piece to this plugin and I’m stuck!


The Air Date/Time picker is not loading, as part of the group for which visibility depends on conditions. This is a really annonying bug, could that be resolved please ?

Ok guys, I have a simplier - I think, work aroyund to get the initial content loaded when the Air date/time picker is part of a hidden group. In the conditions tab of the Air date/time picker, just add the following rule : when “the hidden group is visible” > Initial date = <your thing’s date>".

It works fine.

Oh thanks, I will check it !

I got a similar problem. I used the plugin to define the length of some task, so I pre-load the dates when somebody wants to edit the dates.


It works in a popup, but when I use it in a group it does not work.

Any idea, how to solve it.

I have a query about the Air Date/Time Picker. I emailed @seanhoots about it since it is in relation to the Air Calendar plugin, to which I just subscribed, but thought I would also ask here in case I can avoid Sean some support work.

In Sean’s demo app for Air Calendar, the Initial Content of the Air Date Picker is invisible. I can’t get mine to do the same. Any ideas?

Demo editor link

Hi there,

I discovered that enabling the ‘auto position’ checkbox causes chrome to throw a console error iFits is not defined at runtime when the picker is clicked. Subsequently executed JS on the page starts acting wonky as a result of this error.

The likely culprit is on line 406 in the ‘update’ function code of the plugin)
406 if (!iFits) {

It looks like there is a loop below that which tests the placement of the picker window in various positions and sets iFitsto true if it a position is valid and ‘fits’, however it looks like the variable iFitsis not explicitly defined anywhere inside the update function and so when it is tested on 406 it is undefined and throws this error.

Great plugin!

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Did you ever get an answer on this matter? I have the same kind of general error when clicking the pickers in reusable popups. It doesn’t seem to prevent my app from working, but it’s weird to get a bug alert under normal operations… Thx!

Plus, I wonder if it could be linked to another problem I haven’t seen in any posts yet: Whenever I use the ‘block dates’ feature in such reusable popups (with a thing listing dates picked from an air date/time picker on another page), the app stops working – with a slow progress bar appearing at the top of the browser’s preview page but no other error showing in the debugger.

This happens in Chrome as well as in Edge. I’m new to bubble and I’m not proficient at all in coding, so it my be my building of the app that’s causing the problem, but I wonder if anyone has encountered the same issue?

I’ve heard nothing, and every indication from other messages is that Sean Hoots has bailed out from any engagement with the Bubble community.

I am still working on installing a replacement for Air Date/Time Pick strictly for picking times.

It will look something like this:


I will continue to use the standard Bubble date/time picker for picking dates and I’ve combined them when needed in something that looks like this:


used where time is optional.

This is a real pain to do in “native” Bubble and I have none of the skills needed for building a plugin.

Best of luck with what you’re doing, but my advice is to eliminate Air Date/time Pick (and Dropper and anything else from Sean Hoots).

That’s too bad… And it points out a general issue I have in my evaluation of Bubble: it’s nice that the community provides a lot of plugins (although with no trial offer for premiums…), but it seems that an app can easily become completely dependant on them, with no assurance at all that they’ll remain functional in the long run. And it’s kind of a big turn-off: it’s probably safer to build with bubble-made components only, but then you have to give up a lot of cool or very useful features… I mean, although it’s annoying, I don’t mind a broken saved-game due to an outdated add-on in my personal life, but that’s not something I could afford with a professional app… So, a lot of thinking ahead before bringing my company to bubble… Anyway, thanks a lot for your feedback!

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It is a valid concern that hundreds of plugins are developed by anybody with the tech skills but no assurance of long-term support. As far as I can tell, Bubble is doing nothing to protect its community.

You might find these interesting:

and continue to read my dialog with @ted.

Best of luck.

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I got this error, could you help?

Hey Bubblers :wave:
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This is excellent news!

Loving this plugin. This tweak would be wonderful!


The update with version number 3.3.0 broke the plugin. It does not display the date and when I click on the element nothing happens.

When I switch to 3.2.0 the plugin does what it should do.


Saw this to. Reverted back a version to restore functionality.


I’m having issues with the plugin creating errors

The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / element Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Date-Time-Picker-update–Air-Date-Time-Picker-.js:483:23) at (please report this to the plugin author)


Element Date Start-Filter

The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / element Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: TypeError: is not a function at eval (PLUGIN_Air-Date-Time-Picker-update–Air-Date-Time-Picker-.js:483:23) at (please report this to the plugin author)

I also had to revert back to the version 3.2.0 as mentioned in posts from a few days ago.