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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

Hey @seanhoots

First, thanks for this plugin. It blows the default one out of the water.

Second, I have a couple feature requests that would be really nice to have.

  1. Decouple the “Initial Date” property from the “Initial Content” property. Right now they’re one and the same, but I have a use case where I’d like the “initial date” (more specifically, the initial TIME) to be set to midnight in the selector, but the placeholder to still show. So basically I want to be able to have the calendar’s default date set to a day/time (for instance, 1 month in the future at midnight), but have the initial content be blank so the placeholder still shows.

  2. It would be really nice to have time be “optional”. So basically the user can choose a time if they want, but if none is selected, it just defaults to midnight (or some other time). Workflow-wise it’s equivalent to the above where the default time is set to begin with, but I think that might confuse users who want to “not have a time”


Update: I’ve also discovered a bug. When the air date/time picker is in a popup and the popup is closed then reopened, you can not longer select dates. When you click on the date/time selector, it seems to do nothing, though when you do close the popup again the date/timer picker flashes briefly before closing.

Another popup-related bug:

Setup: An air date/time picker in a group on the page. A popup with at least one (non-air date/time picker) input in a group.

  1. Open the popup
  2. Click on an input
  3. Use the “tab” key to tab between inputs. Eventually, the air date/time picker will open, even though it isn’t in the popup.

Seems that the air date/time picker isn’t removed from the tab order when a popup is open like other standard bubble inputs are.

Hi @luke2 @solinz , I had the same problem (the air date/time picker is not loading the initial content) :roll_eyes:

While Bubble or Sean @seanhoots are solving the bug, I decided to look for a temporary solution :muscle:,

and after several hours, I found that the problem occurs when the air / date time picker or any of the groups that contains it, are not visible.

If the input and all the groups that contains it are visible, it correctly displays the initial value.

But as this is not the idea, I added at the end of the workflow that shows the groups or set the input visible:

  • "Add a pause before action: 500 or 1000 ms" and then
  • "Set Date" to the air date/time picker with the parent’s group date (in my case, but you can pull the date from any origin that you want).

It’s working for me, and I hope that it can help you and others who read this. :raised_hands:


@seanhoots I’m trying to have all dates other than a list of dates blocked so that the picker won’t allow the user to select dates not inside of a date list.

How do I do this?

I see ‘blocked dates’ - how do i filter out all of the other dates not in the list of dates??

Or is there an ‘enabled dates’ setting somewhere??

Below screenshot is from a different plugin, but is exactly what i am looking for:


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Hi @JustinC, I’m searching for the exact same problem and I can’t found out a solution. If you get something, please let me know (I’ll do the same of course… :wink:)

@seanhoots do you think you can quickly add “enabled dates” to the plugin for us please?

I’m trying to toggle whether users are booking hourly within a day or for multiple days and picking hours later. Yet the conditional action to show time or not does not work for toggling. Whatever it starts with it stays as despite the event being sets. Any fix for that?


I am using the Air date/Time Picker plugin for my application but running in the following problem:

The way it is set up now is that the user can choose the start date and the end date. After choosing for example the 11 of July (Start date) to 14 of July (End date), the result is that the user is booking 3 nights (which is correct if you book f.e. hotel stays).

On my application the users are booking days (not nights). Which means if they book from the 11 of July to the 14 of July, they are actually booking 4 days (not 3 nights). I also want my users to be able just to book 1 day (f.e. 11 July to 11July and the price would be the price for one day).

I can not figure out how to achieve that. Could you please advise me?


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Hi Jonathan.

Any luck getting this sorted? If no, did you select a different plugin or just live with the issue?

Haven’t revisited this in a while but my case changed so I think I am using a mix of the built in bubble calendar the air date picker. Posted that a while ago so probably updates were made to address it.

How do you disable dates that are in the past?

EDIT: go to “minimum date” and set it to “current date/time”


I solved the problem. I just had to remove in the condition and workflow the -1.

Works very well now.


@seanhoots do you think you can quickly add “enabled dates” to the plugin for us please?

When inline mode, only the upper part of the calendar appears. How can I solve this?

@seanhoots can you update this plugin and add ‘enabled dates’ so that we can have the user select ONLY from select dates??

It’s the missing piece to this plugin and I’m stuck!


The Air Date/Time picker is not loading, as part of the group for which visibility depends on conditions. This is a really annonying bug, could that be resolved please ?

Ok guys, I have a simplier - I think, work aroyund to get the initial content loaded when the Air date/time picker is part of a hidden group. In the conditions tab of the Air date/time picker, just add the following rule : when “the hidden group is visible” > Initial date = <your thing’s date>".

It works fine.

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Oh thanks, I will check it !

I got a similar problem. I used the plugin to define the length of some task, so I pre-load the dates when somebody wants to edit the dates.


It works in a popup, but when I use it in a group it does not work.

Any idea, how to solve it.