Free Plugin | Balena Supervisor and Application APIs

I have ported Balena’s ( Supervisor and Application APIs to Bubble plugins.

Balena is a complete set of tools for building, deploying, and managing fleets of connected Linux devices.

Each plugin page has a link to the Github repo where I am maintaining them, so please use those to submit any bug reports/feature recommendations. There are also demo apps for each plugin that illustrate some basic usage. Feel free to reach out for more help.


Wow. Didn’t expect to see the word Balena on bubble forums.

I used to work there and wore an IoT Linux hat in my previous life :slight_smile:

Nice api plugin.

Curious to know what it is used for as the balena-dashboard is quite feature rich.
Is this for a client facing dashboard with some knobs?


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Gracias, Zubair. Love the Balena platform and spent the last couple of years building production-fielded systems on it. I’ve definitely put some of your great work from your time at Balena to use!

Agree that the Balena Dash is feature rich and useful overall. I am building a prototype dashboard for a traffic control system that requires some automation of the Balena Cloud functionality. Instead of embedding all the calls in the app itself decided to put it into a plugin just in case there was at least one more Balena supporter out there.

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