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[Free Plugin] Download Text within RepeatingGroup to CSV

Hey @shu.teopengco, this should now be working properly. Feel free to click the link and test it yourself.

Tried it and yeah, it works properly now in Chrome and Firefox. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

Still getting an empty csv file after exporting. I am in urgent need for this plugin. Please help me with a fix.
Here are the screenshots


Nice plugin @alex4

It would be super handy if we could reference the ID of a repeating group within a popup e.g. hidden variables (current throws an error when in a popup)
Also defining the outputed filename would be pretty cool to have as well.


Tip: Anybody exporting large text values that uses commas, be sure to wrap that expression with quotes e.g. “[current cells car description]” - otherwise being a csv, the values will separate every comma.

It would be nice to be able to use separators other than comma.

many in many countries the default excel csv separator is a semicolon ;

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This I found a Bug - if the Header Field is contains a ‘#’ it breaks the download. There is a fix when the ‘#’ is in a Field, but this is specifically a Header field and using the RepeatingGroup Text to CSV action

Hihi, I would like to include my header for my repeating group. My header is in another group so how should I do it for your plugin?

Someone has the editor link to check how it works, and I try to access to it goes to the plugin page

Hi, I have used this plugin for the first time and it works just fine. But when I change the data source of the repeating group, the downloaded file does not refresh and keeps showing some rows from the previous list.

This is the scenario. I have a repeating with a data source coming from a dropdown. Let’s say that on page load there are 7 items in the RG and that the CSV file properly downloads all them. Then, when I change the dropdown value, let’s say that the RG (full list) shows a new list of 5 items. When downloading the CSV in the file there are the 5 items of the current RG plus (at the bottom) 2 items from the previous list.

Is there a way to refresh the data to be downloaded ? Maybe @alex4 con help ! Thanks

Excellent plugin. I’m wondering how to make it work and export only filtered items from input box’s value. The CSV file keeps bringing all results. Any work around?