[Free Plugin] Download Text within RepeatingGroup to CSV

Still getting an empty csv file after exporting. I am in urgent need for this plugin. Please help me with a fix.
Here are the screenshots


Nice plugin @alex4

It would be super handy if we could reference the ID of a repeating group within a popup e.g. hidden variables (current throws an error when in a popup)
Also defining the outputed filename would be pretty cool to have as well.


Tip: Anybody exporting large text values that uses commas, be sure to wrap that expression with quotes e.g. “[current cells car description]” - otherwise being a csv, the values will separate every comma.

It would be nice to be able to use separators other than comma.

many in many countries the default excel csv separator is a semicolon ;


This I found a Bug - if the Header Field is contains a ‘#’ it breaks the download. There is a fix when the ‘#’ is in a Field, but this is specifically a Header field and using the RepeatingGroup Text to CSV action

Hihi, I would like to include my header for my repeating group. My header is in another group so how should I do it for your plugin?

Someone has the editor link to check how it works, and I try to access to it goes to the plugin page

Hi, I have used this plugin for the first time and it works just fine. But when I change the data source of the repeating group, the downloaded file does not refresh and keeps showing some rows from the previous list.

This is the scenario. I have a repeating with a data source coming from a dropdown. Let’s say that on page load there are 7 items in the RG and that the CSV file properly downloads all them. Then, when I change the dropdown value, let’s say that the RG (full list) shows a new list of 5 items. When downloading the CSV in the file there are the 5 items of the current RG plus (at the bottom) 2 items from the previous list.

Is there a way to refresh the data to be downloaded ? Maybe @alex4 con help ! Thanks

Excellent plugin. I’m wondering how to make it work and export only filtered items from input box’s value. The CSV file keeps bringing all results. Any work around?

@alex4 :clap: :clap: :clap: Really great plugin - really simple, works well. Don’t know why it doesn’t have a better profile.

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Hello all,

I’m trying to get this plugin working and i get this issue


Does someone have an idea ?
Thanks for your help !


Just a quick one for Team @AirDev about this plugin. Is there an updated guide for how to make this work with the new responsive engine settings for repeating groups or will this plugin no longer work with the updated engine? I know the old setting had to be “full list” for this to work and that setting no longer exists within the new responsive engine. I’ve also tested this on the same repeating group with the same settings between the old and new engines and the old works while the new one doesn’t. Any chance for an update on/to this plugin? I love it and would rather not move away from it unless we have to.

I have the same question as @brian . Does it work with new responsive engine?

Also, are we sure that the plugin documentation is updated?

Right now I see this in the documentation.

However, in the plugin these are the elements and actions.
Screenshot 2022-03-09 at 3.01.15 PM

There are many extra actions and elements here which are not mentioned in plugin documentation. So how to use those?

I am asking all this because I followed the instructions and I am getting empty CSV file. So wondering where am I going wrong.

Hey all,

We haven’t made any updates to the plugin or tested it with the new responsive engine. All of the items in the repeating group will need to be loaded in order for the plugin to work properly which is why the “Full list” type is used.

Screenshot from 2022-03-09 14-09-43

Just now I looked at the plugin code and it tries to grab the text from any group with the CSS class “content”, which does not exist in the new responsive engine. We’ll fix this at some point but unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to prioritize it at this time.

The plugin is open source and connected to GitHub, so it can be easily forked and edited by anyone else in the community too.


@andersan I’ve got it downloading but it will only export two columns.
Columns 3 and 4 are empty although populated within the RG.
Any idea why this might be happening?

Update: Replaced all text elements with new text elements and now works.
Old one’s must have been very tired :laughing:

Runthrough for anyone needing instructions for this plugin…

1-Download plugin

2-Make coffee while waiting - stir properly

3-Set ID attribute of RG you’d like to download

4-create a download button, start/edit workflow and select plugins>Repeating Group to CSV
HTML ID=RG’s ID attribute
Check Use elementIDs
Number of rows - reference the RG’s list:count
File type=CSV
Quotes to use surround="

5-For each text element within the row of the RG, set it’s ID attribute as the title you want for that particular column
**6-**Neck the rest of you coffee and hit download!!

You aware you demo link is dead? You realize this plug-in doesn’t work?

I followed the instructions given and appears that the plugin is still not working.

@ryan23 - Is there any way to export the filtered data from a repeating group?
I have added a few multiselect filters but on applying the filters and exporting the data, still the whole data gets exported.