💥[FREE Plugin] Editing Element Position&SliderInputProperty

I created a page to demonstrate the capabilities of two plugins.


  1. Using the form (1) you can change the appearance of the horizontal input slider. You can change colors, sizes, borders.

  2. Using the form (2) you can change the appearance of the vertical input slider. You can change colors, sizes, borders.

  3. Changing the value of the slider (3) you will see the work of the second plug-in with the help of which the size of the standard bubble shape element is changed. (3) changes the width of the shape.

  4. (4) changes the width of the shape.

  5. (5) you can move the shape

  6. (6) you can change the shape color (but this is without the plugin :))

  7. (7) you can track the current shape coordinates.


Link to my profile with plugins

Hi, i used the editing_element_position and its very powerfull for complex types of design, works well but need more documentation how to use because if i dont use some input value because i dont need, the debugger keeps a bug


Perhaps when I have free time, I will make more detailed documentation. At the moment I only have one working sketch. I hope it helps you figure it out.


Will this work with elements inside of a repeating group?

If you set a unique ID for each element, it should work well.

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Are you able to let us view the app’s editor in view-only mode?

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You can test the plugin settings on the test page

I don’t know why, but SliderInputProperty isn’t working. May be Im doing something wrong?

thank you for your answer.
I don’t have ID attribute row in my sliders appearance.

Do I need to enable some special settings?

thank you

Always happy to help :slight_smile:

When, i changed my windows size, its design changed back to its initial one.
the original slider’s width is dynamic (for responsive design case).

Is there a solution to use this slider input property for this case ?

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Nice work!

This is pretty neat! One question - what is the ‘Editing_Position A’ object and how do you get it? It is in one of your screen shots