[Free Plugin] Floating Emoji Reactions like IG/Twitter

Hey everyone,

Simple plugin that floats an emoji reaction (or any text really) upon a button click. You enter the button id, the emoji you want to use and the fade-out duration. Let me know what you think!

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New update:

  • Left and top positions of the emojis are adjusted by a random amount between -25 and 25 pixels. This will cause the emojis to start from slightly different positions around the center of the button, creating a burst effect.
  • Added a numeric field that allows you to set the number of emojis you want upon button click.
  • Moved some code from function initialize to update to remove a bubble error
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i use the plugin when i click on a button in a rep group and it works ! the problem i have is that it only works with my first row! after that the heart goes on the left side half hidden. how do i fix this