[FREE PLUGIN] Loaded Trigger - Repeating Group cell trigger

Hi community,
Enjoy the simplest and free plugin for your repeating groups, and if you need a trigger when the RG cell is rendered, this plugin do the job.

Place the element in a repeating group cell, then listen for the “Loaded” event in workflow, as simple as that.



Thanks @it16, @brenton.strine for inspiration :wink:

Enjoy :orange_heart:



I have an RG which I populate with a list of product with images and then show. Depending on search criteria the list of course hold different products. A problem with that is that the RG is rendered with the last product images before it has loaded the new images, thus displaying the old ones and replacing them with new ones as new ones are loaded.

Could your plugin solve that?

Best, Peter

This is awesome!!! Thanks so much!

BTW, you didn’t link it, here’s the link:


Hi @philledille ,
I’m afraid that I need more details, cause all the message looks too abstract for me :slight_smile:
If you can add some details, or a defined usecase, then I’ll try to help you :wink:

Best, Mr.Bubbles

I’ll simply have a go at it.

Thanks, Peter

ok, no problem :wink:

hey @bubbleis , great plugin.

Just one simple question: Is it somehow possible to trigger the element more than once?

If my RG changes I cannot get it to work to trigger the event again.


I have some categories of images and want to display just the images of the selected categories. When I change the category it takes some time to load the new images. Perfect solution would be to get trigger the event every time the RG is new fully rendered.

Maybe you can help me out here. Thanks!

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Great plugin! Finally! If @daviddr17’s point can be wrapped up, it would be pretty much a plugin with a holistic and more sustainable (application) solution :+1: