Trigger action when element is presented on screen - possible?


So I have a horizontal repeating group which is wider than the screen size. At any given moment only 1 cell can be presented on screen

I wish to trigger events whenever certain cells are presented on screen

The issue: For my understading “is visible” condition is not suitable because the cells that are “outside” the screen are still considered visible

Any ideas on how to approach this?


Hello you could use conditional:
When this Repeating Group loading is yes , width is “X”

Hey, thanks for the answer but my issue is a bit different - I want to trigger dpeneding on the cell which is being presented on the screen

Then why not change the RG to be 1x1 that way you always know which element is visible?

If that’s not an option for you then you can search around for plugins. I’ve come across a few in the forums but have never used them so idk if they’re any good.

If you’re handy with js I’m sure you can assign an id to each cell and detect which one is visible

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Thanks for the reply

I’m not using 1x1 RG because I want to have snap scrolling so I have to have unlimited amount of columns

I will look for plugins and see if they work. Thanks for the advice. How did you find such plugins? I searched and didn’t came across anything specific to that, maybe I used the wrong terminology

Go to the plugin store and search for viewport or visibility

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Thanks for the help!
This plugin looks suitable: