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🚀 [Free Plugin] Rarible SDK - NFT Marketplace By NovaBloq

If you want to get help, please elaborate, what error it is throwing, on what chain, maybe provide a screenshot. It works fine on demo page.

Thank you

Hello ! I’m wondering if you success to create the clone ?


There is a bug In the plugin where it throws an error upon accepting a bid on my NFT. I’m supposed to accept the bid from the account that owns the NFT but the plugin switches my Metamask to the account which placed the bid in the first place to accept the bid of the NFT that the bidder does not own.

I’ve followed the instructions carefully, please look into this.

Try placing a bid on one of your other account’s NFTs and then try to accept this bid from the account that owns the NFT. It will throw an error and it would only work if your metamask connected account is the account that placed the bid in the first place.

I did a test on our demo page.
Started from 0 with minting the token, placing a bid from other account and then accepting the bid with the account that owns the NFT.
Everything works fine. I had used the Lazy mint type.
Make sure your setup is correct and the plugin is on the latest version.

You can do tests on our demo page as well.

When minting, what triggers the approval workflow in MetaMask?

Only the Royalties for the minting wallet (creator) seem to show on Rarible. Any additional Wallet royalties you add still do seem to receive the royalties when the NFT is sold but it doesn’t show up on the actual platform.

When accepting a bid Metamask is providing an error “This transaction is expected to fail. Trying to execute it is expected to be expensive but fail, and is not recommended.” with another error stating that gas limit must be at least 21,000.

Also, tried to accept the bid from and it’s showing this error " Client error. Message from client: execution reverted: transfer failed"

Any idea how to fix this? @ezdev


I am trying to set up the plugin like the demo. I am having trouble with the sale page’s pop up, “creating sale order.” It will not open up to the signature, any suggestions? @ezdev @pavel

Thank you

No I failed…
But I think it’s possible, I will have a look deeply when i will have time :wink:

The plugin has been absolutely amazing so far. Thank you so much.

I found that with the latest upgrade (3.2.10 and up), the API data call “Rarible - All Items by Owner” doesn’t seem to be working. Hence I’ve reverted to version 3.2.9 and it works fine.

Would you mind looking into this to see if it could be fixed in future upgrades?

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Hi, thanks for letting me know.
I have reinitialised the API call and updated the plugin.

Major update v.4.0

Multichain, Multiwallet - A crucial update that will set the base for further updates with new supported chains and wallets.

  • The plugin now supports WalletConnect.
  • Uses new Rarible’s “Union SDK”

Support for Polygon and other chains will be added with next updates, the main work was switching to new SDK, from here it will be easier to add support for new chains and wallets.

Version 4 of the plugin is marked as BETA because it has a lot of changes, we will collect feedback and push fixes if needed.

New settings - Wallet Type

This dropdown from the plugin element is used for indicating the type of wallet used to connect to your app. (Select the one that the user connected with).
The dropdown contains only the wallets that are supported by the plugin.

Currently MetaMask and WalletConnect is supported.


Hi, I copy and paste the source code for this page, but I’m getting this error, what I’m missing?

Thanks for looking into this.

Unfortunately it looks like this issue still exists. The last plugin version where the “Rarible - All Items by Owner” API call seems to work is 3.2.9. I am still using that version for now.

Would it be possible to check this functionality in future versions?

This already works in version 4.

See this demo page:

Where do we find the Wallet Type setting? I don’t see it in the property window on the element or the workflow action.

See plugin element that you add on the page.

how do we get the collection category? It can be either trough Rariable or Opensea I don’t mind actually. But I can’t seem to find it @ezdev

Multichain is here

Update v.4.1

  • Added Polygon, Polygon Mumbai (testnet)
  • Fixed bugs with royalties and originfees

How to mint on Polygon

Looks like the smart contracts from Rarible documentation doesn’t work.
One of their devs sent me these contracts, use them instead:

polygon_mumbai = {
  ERC1155Rarible = 0x67A8fE17Db4d441f96f26094677763a2213a3B5f
  ERC721Rarible = 0x5A3Ed919C18137dcC67fBEA707d7E41F3E498BEF

polygon_mainnet = {
  ERC1155Rarible = 0xA2D9Ded6115b7B7208459450D676f0127418ae7A
  ERC721Rarible = 0x35f8aee672cdE8e5FD09C93D2BfE4FF5a9cF0756

Minting with pre-generated ID

Change the base URL for generate token ID API call:
Polygon Mainnet:

Polygon Mumbai testnet:

Notice! For other API calls you don’t have to change the base url to polygon, it is needed only for generating token ID.

Also, don’t forget to set the correct network in the plugin element settings: