[Free Plugin] Simple Animated Loaders ✨

:sparkles: Animated Loaders

Hey everyone! :wave: I just released a simple plugin that contains 5 animated loaders that you can quickly integrate into your Bubble app!

Check out the demo app to see them in action :point_right: Animated Loaders Demo App


These were built to be clean and minimal, in the coding sense too! Uses just CSS to make the magic happen. Enjoy!

Plugin page: Animated Loaders Plugin
Demo app: Animated Loaders Demo App


Great job @yla ! Just implemented this on one of my pages :slight_smile:

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This is amazing! Thanks for the hard work put into this. Definitely one of my favorite UI plugins.

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Oh great now I can finally replace that ugly spinning cog I show to my users :smile:

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Thanks for the appreciation everyone! Glad to see how this is providing value for you guys :grin:

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Thank you! Looks great :slight_smile:

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Just released an update to this plugin! :partying_face:

Now includes two new loaders, now giving you 5 different animated loaders to choose from!

The new loaders are:

  • Rotating Plane Loader
  • Chasing Dots Loader


At the time of this post, the plugin has 77 users! That’s incredible! I hope you’ve found this valuable and that you were able to integrate this easily into your Bubble app to improve the UI/UX :grin:


Are these supposed to be able to work within a reusable element? I have not had any success using them inside of reusable elements.