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💳 [Free Plugin] Stripe Payment Request Button - Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay on your site

hey there,

@seanhoots where is the file .well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association again. I can’t seem to find it?

Hello @seanhoots

Your plugin listen to ‘token’ witch is good for one time payment. However I need to handle subscription. So I’ve to use the ‘paymentmethod’ event.

Then, I will be able to

  1. create a SetupIntent
  2. attach the Payment Method to the Customer
  3. create the Custmer’s Subscription

Would you agree to sync your plugin with a Github rep, so I can fork it ? if you don’t mind I fork it ?

Hi @seanhoots, is there any update on getting CoBubble (WithCoPilot) to merge this plugin with their Stripe.js plugin? I am currently using their plugin in my app but I would like to be able to accept Apple/Google Pay payments as well.


Hello @seanhoots,

Thank you very much for the work on this plugin really amazing stuff!! One thing I noticed on my personal bubble plan is that when I host the apple pay file as you describe and try to load that page my browser give me a “token not found” error. This seems to only happen with filenames that start with “.” Is this a bubble issue?

Has anyone else experienced this trying to use this awesome plugin?

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Hi Sean and thanks for great plugin.

I trying to implement the condition to show either an Apple button or a Google buttons, but I can’t seem to get it to work:

At runtime:


Trying to use your demo in Chrome:

Screenshot 2020-07-11 at 15.54.14

Having a payment method:

But I get this (it works when using Stripe checkout):

I also get this when running your test app:

Cheers, Peter

I’ve set the filename in Bubble to what you state, but the actual file uploaded is just called “a”. This since Mac does not like file names starting with a “.”. Is this ok?

Link to Apples payment buttons requirement:

Is it just me or can you not see the buttons appear at all?

I looked at your demo @seanhoots and the buttons dont show up. I am using Chrome Brower for it.

Secondly does this work for a Native App?

same for me , I see nothing, is this plugin discontinued?

Can you use this plugin to save a card on file instead of pay at the point of sale?
I’m working on a product that is a subscription idea that charges upon delivery of our products. Customers sign up with their CC, but we don’t charge it until they get their first delivery. Can I do this with airpay? We’re currently using copilot’s stripe.js to manage payments.

I was having issues with this. Luckily, I found a forum about Bubble’s Stripe Plugin now offering Apple Pay. The way to do it is to add the plugin, make sure you have all your Keys plugged in (obviously), and be on “v3.” When you use “Charge the Current User,” instead of creating the old Stripe popup or going top a new page, it takes them to a really clean looking payment screen with the Apple Pay button as an option to pay. Really happen I saw that. Looks great too for people wanting a nice checkout page.

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Thank you very much for this advice!
Tell me, please, do I need to do any additional actions to switch this payment method to the live version? For example - to confirm the domain, upload files. Or does the plugin handle everything perfectly?
Thank you in advance!

Pretty sure the plugin handles everything

what happens with this plugin? why don’t works more?