[Plugin] Stripe Payment Element

The Payment Element is an embeddable UI component that lets you accept up to 25+ payment methods with a single integration and 3DS support and without leaving the page.


We released an update today to accept setup intents, attaching payment methods to customers without having them pay!

Accept payments with any payment method available under your account.

We pushed an update to allow the ordering of payments.

You can override the default order in which payment methods display in the Express Checkout Element with a list of payment method types.

If there are payment methods that will show that are not specified in paymentMethodOrder, they display after the payment methods you specify. If you specify payment methods that will not show, they are ignored.


We’ve rolled out an update to optionally avoid collection address information and have also included additional address fields.

@nocodeventure Hi guys, great plugin.

I’m having an issue which I hope you can help me with.

I’ve used the setupIntent to successfully add a card to a customer.

But when I go to try charge that payment method via paymentIntent it’s left as incomplete/ invoice in draft.

Is there anything that I’ve likely missed off / need to add to ensure the payment goes through?

Any help would be appreciated. For context, I’m trying to do a 14 day paid trial for my subscription (workflows = an upfront fee + 14 day free trial subscription). If it’s complex would be happy to pay to get up and running with the setup.