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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

Can you help me?

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It makes me very happy that you think so. Thanks a lot for your recommendations. We’ll let you know when an update is available.


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Hello, @kurban290697!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble. When I review your screenshots, I don’t see any problems. I think if you share a more detailed screenshot, I can help you better. Could you please attach a screenshot or video recording of each step you take?

You can also review our sample page:



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@Efe I attached a link to a YouTube video, I tried to show in detail what my problem is

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Thanks for the detailed video!

The action in the screenshot below only triggers the first cell’s musician. Are you sure you just want this? If not, please mark the “Trigger every cell” attribute as “yes”.


@Efe Yes, I’ve already done this, but it didn’t help me unfortunately, I don’t understand what the problem is) Can I give you my account details in private messages ? And do you live in Istanbul? If so , I could meet )


I’m sorry that the problem has not been resolved. I’m sending a private message to help you further.


Hi there, everytime I try to upload more than one image it shows “undefined”, how can I change this? Or am I doing something wrong? I selected a list of images to be displayed and lazy mode is off, even though I tried many different “ms” values I can’t figure this out. I’d be glad if you could help me :slight_smile:

Hello, @gpmarangoni1!

I’ll be happy to help. Could you provide a detailed screenshot of your use of the plugin and please give an example of one of the source URLs that you have defined to the plugin, and which appears as “undefined”?


Hello @Efe, thanks for the reply, but what do you mean by the source URLs? Here are the screenshots you’ve asked me:

The images are shown in the data

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Everything seems normal. Could you provide me the editor link so I can easily examine it and help further?


I just wanted to know if anyone else is willing to make a donation to the development team of this plugin, in order to sponsor the development of its capability of auto updating the data source input.

In summary, the idea is that we don’t have to use the actions Remove All Slides, Add list nor the Orchestra plugin anymore in order for the Wonderful Image Slider plugin to load the new image input automatically when it is changed, whether it is in a repeating group, a popup or wherever.

The idea is that it updates automatically the actual image source, just as Bubble’s image element does.

I would donate, please reply to this post if you also would and then we could speak to @Efe and his team to see if it is amongst their possibilities to get this done.