[NEW PLUGIN] Advanced Image Slider with Text

Hello fellow Bubblers!
We are glad to announce our small addition to the plugin collection:

Advanced Image Slider

With it you can enhance your web or mobile app by adding a beautiful slider with text and URLs.
Advanced Image Slider is a multioptional plugin that lets you easily create powerful sliders with attractive transition effects and customize each separate element to your liking.


  • Simple Captions with Url’s.
    Add text or links to your slides with minimal effort

  • Thumbnails.
    Use thumbnails for slider pagination, instead of bullets.

  • Carousel.
    Turn your slider into a carousel, showing multiple slides at once.

  • Lazy Loading for extremely fast page loading times.
    Images loads only when they are viewed

  • Fully Responsive & ready for all devices.
    The slider will look great on every device including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Many Dot and Arrow Styles.
    Choose between different slide navigation dot and arrow styles.

  • WebView Friendly

Add the plugin to your app, set the image gallery and configure the properties as you see fit. Hints are included


Plugin page:

If you have questions, reach out to us at [email protected]
We appreciate your reviews and suggestions.

Jay | Mindforapps


Nice plugin…

Noticed a lot of options and variations for the slider, something that is definitely missing from the ‘slick slideshow’ plugin. Top job :+1:


Thank you for the feedback. We really wanted to do a quality work. :grinning:

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Thanks for a new Image Slider plugin. Planning to download it.
Will it work with a webview option for Android, with responsive as good as in a computer browser?


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Hello Al,
Yes it will, we’ve tested it in different software options including SuperView for Android and IOS platforms.

Be happy to answer any other question.

Jay | MindForApps

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I’ve just implement the Advanced Image Slider with Text plugin…the new Goto feature opens up significant opportunity for my app. Fantastic plugin


@MindForApps I’ve been using this plugin and I think it is the best slider plugin packed with features and dynamic fields that adds alot of room for flexibility.

I have a question, is it possible to add custom fonts or google fonts?

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Hi @vascolucci,

The team really appreciates your feedback on our work.
Regarding your question about the custom and google fonts - we agree that this one is MUST, but for now we are still investigating the options on how to implement it without any loss in quality. I will keep you guys updated on any changes.


Thanks for implementing Google custom fonts, it’s working great.

I have a question, if I have a list of sliders (custom type) that has image field and title and title color.
For the image is clear, and for the title I have to do Do a search for sliders title join with"##"

but I’m not sure how to do it for the title color, using join with “##” doesn’t work nor leaving it empty, like “”

NOTE That the title color field holds colors in form: #000000 or rgba(126, 104, 75, 0.63)


Hi @vascolucci,

We are glad that you like our progress.
We’ve looked at your request and you’ve mentioned the sliders (custom type) that has image field and title and title color, but in reality there are only two fields that can be added - the image field and the title, а title color is set in the editor. So with this - all the titles will have the same color.

Hope this will help understand how it’s made.
Let me know if I can help with any other issues.

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Will this work on a popup? I’m testing it now and I can’t seem to get it working but it seems to be working on a page. Just wondering if that is the issue or if I’m doing something else wrong.

Yes, this is possible. If you are still having trouble setting it up properly, please contact us at [email protected] and will will guide you through the process.

Thanks! Will do!

Hi Jay,

The Imgix section causes bugs when Cloudfront is activated. The settings area says it only work with images uploaded to the Bubble server or that start with http://s3.amazonaws.com

With Cloudfront activated, the url starts with a different address.

Is there a way to deactivate the Imgix section? and to have a simple fit to frame?

Hi @amba,

If the images are uploaded to the bubble server the links would look something like:

We need to take a look at the links that you have, can you please share 2-3 examples?

See the above screenshot. A sample url of an image uploaded to Bubble with Cloudfront is show below:

The https://d1muf25xaso8hp.cloudfront.net/ section precedes the url format you mention.

In DevTools we see links processed by the plugin. Jay asks what addresses you send to the plugin.

The addresses sent are in the format Jay mentioned. They have been added to Bubble via the picker, url is saved, and retrieved in the slider.

they are stored as:
on the database.

Show some examples of addresses. The one you provided does not exist.
For example, three pictures:

And how does it look with you?
Show some addresses of your pictures.
Give some of your examples.

You are correct, some images seem to have been deleted from the database, creating the error. Thanks

While I have you, another error pops when you swipe through the images. Adds about 20-30 errors per swipe