[FREE] Screen Shake Event Plugin

Hi guys, another free plugin for you guys.

Screen Shake - easily detect when a user shakes their screen and do something when that happens.

Use the “[GC] - Screen Shake” element, and create an action that does something when the exposed state “shaken” is true/yes.

Plugin page | Demo (works only on mobile devices) | Editor

I have tested this on BRAVE Browser and it didn’t work. Haven’t tested on many other browsers. Let me know which ones it doesn’t work on so I can try to fix the compatibility issues.

Supported web browsers/devices

  • iOS Safari 4.2.1 (and above)
  • Android 4.0.3 (default browser)
  • Chrome 41+ for Android
  • Opera Mobile (Android)
  • BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0
  • Firefox for Android
  • FirefoxOS Devices