Is there a way to add shake on bubbleapps?


i was wondering if there is a way to add “shake to report”.
like when i shake my phone, a popup will show. if anyone csn help itll be appreciated!


Yes. I have a plugin for it.

doesnt work

If you look at the demo, it works.

tried the demo and it doesnt work. even looked up at the editor and copied it and it doesnt work

Are you using a browser that is supported?

using iOS Safari 15.4

I’ll have to try on my iPhone when I have a chance, but I have tried on android and it works.

what is the exact actions and workflows? if you can tell me them1

Just tried on my iPhone. Works fine.

It’s simple. Place the element, and then when that elements state “shaken?” = yes, do something.

it workflow or in conditiona?


It can be anything you want.

i cant set a property

I have the demo provided to show you exactly how it’s done. Sorry if I cannot help you any further. You may need to read up on how Bubble works.

does it need to be in a group?

does it depend on iOS version too? cuz im on iOS 16.

Does the demo page work on your phone?

nope. just tried it on google chrome and it doesnt work

tried it with an iOS 15 device and it didnt work

both demo and the one i do it doesnt work