Free sync: DB view and Google Sheets?

Is there a free way to retrieve the content of a database view into a Google Sheets? Something that updates the Google Sheets every time there’s a new database entry or every X hours.

I know there are tools to write on sheets, but my experience has been bad. I want a 1:1 sync between a Bubble database and a Google Sheets, even if it’s synced from time to time.

I’ve also read the integration via the API Connector using Google Sheets’ API is a bit complex. I don’t know, to me it seems like there’s not a proper solution to this, but I’d love to know I’m wrong! :slight_smile:


Hello @eurogar !

One of the resources below may hit the jackpot :smiley:

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I made a plugin to make it easier for myself - realtime updates to Gsheets - either when you want to fine grain control per column entry, or just pass Bubble objects off to be appended into a Gsheet. (I needed it for a project and I basically wanted to append to a spreadsheet every entry that went into a Bubble table as the data came in).

And I just wanted to add an action in to my workflows and be done - nothing fancy - just copy everything coming into Bubble tables off to a Google sheet.

Happy to give you a free license :slight_smile: if you try it out and let me know what to do to improve it and the documentation.


This looks like what I need! The other options either involve complex set up with Google Sheets API or requires to pay for different external tools. Thanks so much for the efforts and for the proposal. Definitely, I’d like to give it a try and give you some feedback. How could I get the license? Thanks!

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