[Free Template] Top Shelf Elements

Ah that makes sense.

I had already ‘constructed’ the read-only editor url ;-).

I tried copying the “COPY Calendar Elements” with “copy with workflows” and paste with workflows.
Weirdly the whole thing is working afterwards EXCEPT for the responsiveness. The calendar doesn’t scale down on narrower windows.
This is probably a Bubble bug. But it should be fixable manually, but I can’t find any difference in settings (especially properties like “fixed witdh” etc.).
Have you tried copy-pasting it yourself and if so: did the pasted calendar stay responsive?

Just tested it again and it is copying no problems for me - do you have a link to the editor page of the app it is being pasted in? Is it being pasted into a Group, Popup, Re-usable element or directly on the page?

The Responsive settings of the Group it is in may cause an issue, and the Page itself cannot be Fixed width

Ah - I didn’t realize that the page-element itself also has a fixed width by default. Unchecking that fixed the problem!

Thanks very much @gf_wolfer! Much appreciated!

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The last columns in the repeating group get hidden when the size is reduced to mobile level. What to do about it?

For the Table Element, there are Hiding Rules on the last two columns based on the screen size. This is in there so that the table looks good on multiple device sizes, but depending on your table and data you are displaying you might want to show or hide the columns.

You can change the Hiding Rules from the Responsive tab in the editor.

Picture of where to do this:

Amazing, right what I need

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Added some new Free elements and more information on my paid plugin, TopCal to this template (added them a while ago actually but forgot to update this thread)

Time Only inputs
A copy and paste Dropdown that is time-only and a time range selector that was more just a fun UX thing I was trying in Bubble but could be useful to some

Test it out here

Scheduling and Calendar Elements
Elements for any scheduling app, but optimized specifically to go with the TopCal Plugin

Test it out here

Solid work! @gf_wolfer

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Template Update

The Responsive Calendar in the Template is now built in Bubble’s new(ish) responsive engine. Instructions have been updated for how to copy and paste the calendar into your own app. More responsive updates coming soon to this template and to the Top Calendar elements!

Add the Template to your account or access the open editor to copy it into your app. Instructions for copying are on the page